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                      and Chocolate Sweets


"​Your toffee is HEAVENLY! The product simply melts in the mouth and the flavor is wonderful. My biggest difficulty will be to restrict myself to eating just one or two pieces at a time."

Sally M. - Great Plains, NY

"The toffee is absolutely the best I have ever tasted!!! Doesn’t stick to your teeth like most toffee’s and very fresh and delicious! All of my coworkers loved it to! I will definitely order again."

Lisa L. - Joshua, TX

"This toffee is can I get more?"

Carol L. - Dallas, TX

"Toffee Treats are DDDDDelicious!!!!!!!! Each bite is better than the last!!!!!! I've known ML for many years, I and I would expect nothing less. I'm from Knoxville, Tn., her hometown and have watched her glowing personality, tenacity, will to live, and intense work ethic take her through brain cancer and the development of a successful business which just keeps on getting better and better. You must try Toffee Treats, but be warned--- It's hard to have control after that first bite."

Emma Bea S. - Knoxville, TN

"This is the best toffee I've ever tasted...and my clients love receiving it during the holidays!!"

Timothy C. - Fort Worth, TX

“You will be tempted to hoard this toffee so buy enough to share.

Robin P. - Rockwall, TX

"Love M.L.'s toffee - and I have the hips to prove it!"

Gin S. V. - Fort Worth, TX

"I have found a way to put your 'toffee' on almost everything....delicious on ice cream. All my friends know what they are getting for birthday's and holidays."

Mary Lee H. - Dallas, TX